July 3, 2022


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A jar made of material that acts as a natural filter for preserving products, it may sound magical. But this really exists and it’s called Miron Glass! But what is Miron Glass? And how does it work? What can you store in them? Miron Glass has many advantages and we would like to tell you more about them. So go ahead and read on if you want to know more about Miron Glass and its positive effects.

What is Miron Glass?

What exactly is Miron Glass? Well, Miron Glass is a type of glass that is specially made to keep products in their best state for a long time. For example, water can stay fresh up to three years longer when it is kept in Miron Glass than when it is kept in any other container. The special thing about Miron Glass is that it is a natural product, so no preservation techniques are used to preserve the products you put in them. This technique is not new, because in the time of the ancient Egyptian civilization this technique was already used. At this time, valuable products were already protected and kept in gold and violet glasses. The first industrially produced violet glass however did not arrive in the Netherlands until 1995.

How does Miron Glass work exactly?

So how exactly does it work? Well, Miron Glass works as follows; the glass only lets through violet, ultra-violet and infrared rays. This means that visible light with the exception of violet light is blocked. The products inside the glass are therefore protected from this light. For this reason, the glass only filters the harmful part of light and therefore the valuable light can extend the quality of the substances in the bottles and jars. As a result, the shelf life and efficacy of products is extended.

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Which products can you store in Miron Glass?

So what products can you keep in Miron Glass? Well, it works very well for oils, for example. Usually with Miron Glass you can also immediately order a glass pipette to be able to use the oil properly. In addition, Miron Glass is also very good to use for other cosmetics. Moreover, you can use it for keeping herbs, but you could also keep vitamins and other medicines in it. So whether you are looking for a jar for cosmetics or for something related to food or even medicine, you can keep it all in Miron Glass!