December 7, 2022

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Amsterdam is a city well known for its vibrant culture and is a huge tourist destination in Europe as well. The city’s art scene is perhaps one of the best you can find in Europe. From the great works of Van Gogh to some slighty more modern pieces, there is just so much art in Amsterdam for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, the next time you are in the city it is advisable to check out the Moco museum. It’s surely one of the most amazing hidden gems for art lovers.

A trip to the Moco – Simple and easy

One of the main reasons why the Moco Museum is so popular is because of the easy access. The museum is located in a very strategic location. It can be accessed by all means of public transport and is therefore easy to get to.

Also, there are so many other attractions nearby. Even if you are coming purely to enjoy the Moco experience, there will still be other great Amsterdam attractions on your way there. In the end, a trip to the Moco will often feel fulfilled and your day will indeed be well spent.

Superb art collection

If there is one thing the Moco does best it is art. In fact, over the years this museum has distinguished itself as one of the most respected and highly rated modern art museums. The works displayed here touches all genres of artistic creativity. Just recently, the Moco even started showcasing NFT’s from digital creators. This has always been its key mantra and therefore, art lovers will always have something to enjoy once they are here.

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Flexibility and convenience

One thing you will love about the Moco is the fact that it’s small and intimate. Normally, it can take you less than 3 hours to explore the entire museum and get close to the art. If you are busy or perhaps you want to save a bit of time to explore other parts of Amsterdam, then you can just pop into the Moco and take as little time as possible. This museum in Amsterdam is simply designed for people who want a quick and fulfilling tour.

Great memorabilia

Finally, it may also be a good idea to pop into the gift shop at the Moco and get yourself some amazing memorabilia. Most of these gifts at the museum Amsterdam are actually very affordable so you won’t be spending a lot of money, but at least you can go home saying you visited at the Moco.