Oh good, the humanoid robots are running even faster now

Step aside, Atlas: A new bipedal bot reportedly laid claim to the world’s fastest full-sized humanoid machine. According to the Shanghai-based startup, Unitree Robotics, its H1 V3.0 now clocks in at 7.38 mph while gingerly walking along a flat surface. With the previous Guinness World Record set at 5.59 mph by the Boston Dynamics robot, H1’s new self-reported achievement could be a pretty massive improvement. If that weren’t enough, if pulled off its new feat while apparently wearing pants. (Or, more specifically, chaps.) 

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In a new video, Unitree’s H1 can also be seen trotting across a park courtyard, lifting and transporting a small crate, jumping, as well as ascending and descending stairs. It also can perform a choreographed, TikTok-esque dance troupe routine—basically an industry requirement, at this point. It’s also wearing pants, for some reason.